(2007) Single Review – Shop Boyz: Party Like A Rock Star

Single Review – Shop Boyz: Party Like A Rock Star


Die hard hip-hop fans, don’t be fooled by the title. The Shop Boyz are an Atlanta (ATL) based group, and are the latest assemblage to take the scene by storm. The group consists of, Demetrius “Meanie” Hardin, Richard “Fat” Stevens and Rasheed “Sheed” Hightower.

The Shop Boyz combine hip-hop, crunk, and rap to produce what they have trademarked as ‘Hood Rock’. The single ‘Party Like A Rock Star’ taken from their latest album Rockstar Mentality, has exploded into the clubs, and is rising up the billboard charts rapidly.

The Shop Boyz vocals are similar in sounding to that of D4L, however their tunes pack a punch proving they cannot be pigeon holed, or directly compared to anyone else in the game. Conversely, the fusion of genres is reminiscent of the Run DMC & Aerosmith duet entitled – ‘Walk This Way’.

The single is a big club tune – full of energy and diversity, it should be added to your collection immediately. The remix featuring Lil Wayne, Chamillionaire & Jim Jones is equally as good as the single, and can be found on track two of the single.


Click Here To Listen To – Shop Boyz: Party Like A Rock Star



By Nicole Baldwin

[Issue #47 09/2007 – Young Voices Magazine]


© All Rights Reserved


Photo Source: – Album Artwork Wikimedia

Photo Source:- Mr Static

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